What is ITV News at 10 like?

ITV News at 10 is the main news broadcast for ITV, with all of the days latest headlines in the world, bringing you live broadcasts as well as pre-recorded reports. But, how does ITV News at 10 compare to its competitors? And how do they go about reporting news?


Are ITV one-sided? 
According to “The Media Blog”, 18.5 per cent of ITV News shows bias to pro-Conservative, and are behind only Sky News who show over 60 per cent.
BBC show the least bias.

I looked closely at ITV towards the end of the recent US Presidential Election. Looking at both how they reported on the eventual winner Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. When reporting on Trump, it seemed that they only showed how he was getting into trouble while promoting his campaign. They showed him as if he was not right for the people and as thorough Trump was always causing controversy among the American people. With Hilary however, they showed how she had the support of stars like Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres. Hilary looked as though she was the “good guy” and Trump was the “troublemaker”.

ITV News at 10 only has one presenter in Tom Bradby. Bradby told The Media Show on Radio 4 that he wanted to put the show back on the map as for a while it was losing viewers to BBC’s News at 10. Bradby has been key in the revamp on ITV News at 10 and he told the Standard “we can’t get distracted by the BBC.”

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Mark Austin is another one of the main anchors on News at 10 but he is set to leave at the end of 2016, leaving Mr. Bradby as the main man when it comes to presenting the show, although he probably already is that. Bradby became the shows presenter in 2015 and has been helping lead ITV News at 10 in the right direction since.

News Stories
Despite the studio being local, ITV News at 10 leads up to your regional news channel, so not all stories are going to be based at home. For instance, a kidnapping story in Sale may not reach the top of the news if there has been a terrorist attack in France or a bombing in Syria. It’s based on International issues and not just home issues in the United Kingdom. National News such as ITV News at 10 were definitely focussed on the US Election for around half a year in the lead up, it was almost expected to be on the news every night as the battle between Trump and Clinton continually gathered momentum and more drama.

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This is certainly more interesting for the viewers also, it gives them what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. It can be pleasing to the ear and also make it much more exciting for the viewer. It’s unusual that you would get a regional hard news story, so they keep the softer side for their regional shows like Granada Reports, or UTV Live in Northern Ireland.

The Setting
The setting for any News Broadcast is very basic, a well lit up room, with a nice backdrop easy for the eye to see. It will always look professional, but the National News channels will always have a more serious feel about them. Regional News programmes seem to be more upbeat and lively, and even feature some lighter stories involving humour. ITV News at 10 has a really serious feel to it and we can see when watching that they are trying to make us pay close attention and be interested in what they are reporting.

The Sport
Sport is probably the most popular type of news, and it now pops up more at the front of the programme when the main stories are being announced, they could even come first if someone who is British has done something big, like Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 World Championship, Rory McIlroy capturing a Masters title, or Andy Murray sealing a Wimbledon victory. Sport would have the most excitement and is usually upbeat. However a few weeks ago when the tragic plane crash in Columbia happened featuring the Chapecoense AFC players it was a sad day for the world of sport so it was featured high up on the news. Sport is the most interesting piece of news and usually, key events are happening throughout the day. But I suppose you could say that for other pieces of news like Politics.



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