Radio Listening Log

BBC 5 Live Sport – “Out of their League”

The show takes its time to get to the main subject with some short talk at the beginning of the show before a small news update. The actual show begins with audio recording from 1992, the last time an English manager won the top flight title. Howard Wilkinson’s quotes and famous commentary take us back in time to remember what went down almost 25 years ago. They go on then to talk about how the Premier League is completely different with so many foreign managers.

They discuss in quite a serious manner, but keep it simple, having an English football manager in Steve McLaren and Harry Redknapp as well as journalist Henry Winter. The show has quite a few audio clips. They are concerned by the way English football is going.

BBC Radio 1 – Newsbeat

This Newsbeat takes a look at body image and how teenagers may feel insecure due to social media. They bring a vlogger from Youtube onto the show to talk as they feel there is too much pressure on teenagers to look good. They talk about the need to go the gym and eat less, just to impress and look good. They talk to a student from Leeds University who struggled with mental illness and even sadly tried to end her own life because she had bi-polar disease.

It’s good because it gives us an insight from the two guys who have had pressure in trying to look good, but there’s also the audio of the young girl from Leeds, she takes us with her to give us an idea of her day as she picks up here medication,

BBC Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine Show – “Do you wash your hands after using the toilet?”

Quite a strange one here where they talk about people not washing their hands when they are out and about, particularly in posher places. The first man mentions how we should was our hands before we go to the toilet, rather than after due to collecting germs along the way to the toilet. The virologist talks about the chances of picking up an infectious dose and coming down with an illness.

This is quite enjoyable and interesting and has the right people involved to give across the right idea and facts in what they think about washing hands and what damage it can possibly cause.

Talksport – Sturridge perfect for Newcastle

In what is a very short clip, Micky Gray talks on TalkSport about how Daniel Sturridge could be a perfect fit at Newcastle next season after their promotion back to the Premier League. It’s very brief and to the point, and Gray is exactly aware of what the Magpies need and is clearly excited at his opinion. It’s fairly realistic and would probably be the right fit, and the fact Gray gets his opinion across so quick, it makes really decent radio, as well as a debate among the guests and also the audience.

I think they could definitely talk about it for longer, but it is good, he’s quick to get it across and sounds buzzed by the idea of it, but they must spend some more time in talking about the prospect of the transfer.

U105 – “House prices are on the up”

U105 from Northern Ireland here has a short talk about the rise of house prices in Northern Ireland, they aren’t happy about it and the producer  brings in a phone call, and the two always bring it back to their own half. People put huge amounts into new houses, new appliances and fittings as well as renovations to different rooms. It adds up. Later on it seems to get a bit heated which can bring some entertainment.  But it’s quite a serious topic and many people aren’t happy about the prices being paid.

It’s quite good this piece, probably the best out of the five I have selected because the two get into quite a debate and there’s a little bit of interruption which they can’t really anticipate live, but they keep it interesting and has the listener glued to what they are debating about.